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Aqua Pass Terms & Conditions


Aqua Pass holders agree to be charged on a weekly basis for the student's swimming lessons. The amount will vary based on the number of weeks within the month. If a card is not stored on file Aquastream will inform the family of the outstanding amount. If the payment is not received by the new requested date, the student will be removed from the schedule, and the spot will be released and become available for other customers to register. 

Payment must always be completed 1 (one) month in before the lessons occur. 


Aqua Pass holders must give Aquastream Premier Swim School 30 days notice if they want to cancel their Aqua Pass. This notice must be completed in writing, specifically on the "Aquastream Premier Swim School Cancellation Form". Aqua Pass members agree to and understand that once they withdraw from the monthly lessons, their spot will be released and available for other customers.

Classes cannot be put on hold. 

The withdrawal process will only starts once Aquastream Premier Swim School received the above mentioned form. The 30 days will be counted starting the day the written notice was received. 

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