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Find Answers To All Possible Questions Regarding Swim Programs, Schedules, Fees, Etc.

  • How and where to start?
    For our Barrie location, schedule a complimentary 30-minute swim assessment to get started . Our swim instructors will evaluate your child’s skills and determine their starting swim level. For our Vaughan location, schedule a free tour, and our reception team will answer any questions you might have about our programs and facility.
  • What is the location?
    We are now happy to announce that we have two locations, and a third one on the way!! Vaughan, Ontario: Aquastream Premier Swim School is located at 676 Westburne Drive, unit 1 (Rutherford and Keele). Barrie, Ontario: Aquastream Premier Swim School is located at 71 Commerce Park Drive. London Ontario: ActivityPlex London, Commissioners Road East, London, ON.
  • What are the prices?
    Our prices vary based on the program, the number of lessons within the months, private versus group classes, and the location. For more information, please contact us: Vaughan: Barrie:
  • What are the age requirements?
    We require swimmers to be a minimum 3 months of age, up to 13 years of age.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    Please bring with you a swimming suit, towel, indoor shoes, goggles and a swimming cap if hair is longer than shoulder length. For children 4 years and younger, please bring a reusable swimming diaper. If you are planning to shower at our facility after the class, feel free to bring your body wash and shampoo as well. If you coming for our parent and tot classes, please make sure to bring a bathing suit, towel and indoor shoes f0r yourself as well. If you ever forget any of these items however, rest assured because we also provide them at our facility!
  • How experienced are your instructors?
    All of our instructors are certified swimming and lifesaving instructors through the Lifesaving Society and have a minimum 2 years teaching experience.
  • What are the class ratios?
    Our class ratio varies based on the location you attend. For more information visit either out Vaughan or Barrie page.
  • How should I enroll?
    You may enroll in person or by phone by contacting us at (647) 697-3682 or by sending us an email at for our Vaughan location, and for our Barrie location.
  • How can I pay for my swimming classes?
    We currently accept visa, mastercard, direct checking, or debit. Payment is accepted through our online app, which we will share with you once you register for lessons.
  • What to expect from Parents & Tots program?
    Besides parents’ learning how to hold their child during a back float, tots will learn the following skills: Holding breath under the water Swimming the distance between parent and instructor Grabbing onto the side of the pool Jumping into the water Floating independently Kicking Rolling from front to back
  • What should I bring to Parents & Tots lesson?
    Swimsuit for the guardian (guardian must be 18 years of age or older) Swimming suit for the child Reusable swim diapers (these can also be purchased at the front desk) Towels for the guardian and child Indoor shoes for the guardian Indoor shoes for the child Swimming cap for children who have hair longer than shoulder length
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