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Why Can We Swim Better In Saltwater? Saltwater Vs Freshwater Pools

Saltwater pools become popular not only in swimming schools but also in residential properties. What makes saltwater so popular? Why can we swim better in saltwater, and why do we feel better in saltwater? Let’s compare saltwater vs freshwater pools and see what the main advantages of saltwater are.

Swimming In Saltwater Compared To Freshwater

Why can we swim better in saltwater? Many have experienced both and definitely will say that it is easier to float in saltwater. People who are used more to freshwater pool swimming also find a saltwater experience more enjoyable and relaxing. The reason is:

Buoyancy – saltwater gives more buoyancy than freshwater because of the higher density of saltwater. Buoyancy makes it easy for the body to stay high in water, thus all other factors being kept equal, one can swim faster in salt water than in freshwater.

Learning Swimming In Saltwater Vs Freshwater Pools

Now we have answered, “Why can we swim better in saltwater?”, let’s discuss what type of pool is better to choose for swimming purposes. As it is easier to float on saltwater, kids who learn swimming for the first time will feel more relaxed. That will decrease fear, thus anxiety during swimming lessons. Saltwater pools also have more advantages over freshwater pools when it comes to bacteria, skin benefits, immune and nervous systems.

Saltwater Vs Freshwater Pools; Advantages And Challenges

The main difference between saltwater and freshwater pools is chlorine used to clean the pools. Saltwater pools use a fraction of chlorine freshwater pools use, and that makes the water less eye-irritating. Eye irritation is one of the main reasons why children don’t like chlorine (freshwater) pools. Here at Aquastream, we have newly installed modern saltwater pools warmed at 32 degrees Celsius at all times. Kids feel relaxed in our pools.

Better swimming experience is not the only reason saltwater has an advantage over freshwater. People swimming in saltwater are protected from bacteria at all times.

Skin boost. Salt keeps water clean and has detoxifying effects. The skin feels smoother and cleaner after the swimming session. People with allergies and skin sensitiveness can benefit from swimming in saltwater pools.

Swimmers are better protected from bacteria in saltwater; there are fewer minerals and other impurities in saltwater than in freshwater.

Saltwater pools are good for swimming lessons and become more attractive for the residential pools as well. When it comes to residential pools, there are some challenges related to installation and maintenance.

Saltwater vs freshwater pools: challenges

  • Initial set up cost fort he saltwater pools is higher.

  • Saltwater can damage and corrode metal parts of the pool. When installing and during maintenance, it is important to consider the mineral content of saltwater.

Qualities of saltwater answer the question “Why can we swim better in saltwater?”, it also provide benefits that answer the question “Why do we enjoy swimming in saltwater more than in freshwater?”.

Final Thoughts

Swimming is an excellent way of improving health for you and your children. Kids can learn life-saving skills from a very early age (actually, right after birth) that will benefit them in many ways.

Why can we swim better in saltwater compared to freshwater? Buoyancy and mineral features of the water makes the body management easier and feeling better.

Saltwater swimming experience is not only more enjoyable but also safer for your child.

Saltwater vs freshwater pools comparison shows many benefits of saltwater; however, it is important to think about costs and maintenance while installing saltwater pools in residential areas.

Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is the reason we have temporarily stopped our operations at Aquastream, but if you want to learn about safety measures for swimming during coronavirus, please, refer to our blog post. In short, it is still possible to swim safely in public pools during virus outbreak. Center for Desease Control and Prevention gives information on extra transmission properties of COVID-19 in pools and hot tubs.


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