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Swimming – The Best Sport For Sensory Processing Disorder

Generally, children experiencing sensory processing disorder condition either feel too much or too little. In fact, kids with the disorder can be extremely bothered. In addition, in various areas of their senses, such as touch, taste, smell and as well as sight, they can experience hyper or hypo-sensitivity.

Since children having SPD can not just turn off those sensitivities, they can really become overwhelming by time. However, there are certain valuable activities that can be considered the best sports for sensory processing disorder. Although there are a number of sports activities that can benefit little ones experiencing SPD, the swimming would probably be the best option.

At Aquastream Swim School we are ready to help kids with special needs thanks to our particularly designed swimming programs. The following paragraphs will cover in detail how swimming can help your child to overcome difficulties due to SPD.

One of the best features of Aquastream pools is the water temperature which is always kept constantly warm that prevents any sudden temperature change while anyone jumps in. This means that your little ones will not be shivering or having purple lips when they are at Aquastream.

In addition, since the air temperature at our pools is also retained at the same level as water temp, there is no need worrying about catching a cold in a bathing suit.

Sometimes it is not possible to know what is going to affect a child having SPD. For kids, having water splashed their face can be annoying. Furthermore, kids with sensory problems can fear sensation. Therefore, in every lesson at Aquastream, all students wear their goggles in order to acquire skills on how to swim in a proper way.

As parents, we all know that getting used to the water and as well as other students in the class can take some time before our little ones get totally comfortable. Thus, our swim experts utilize integrity, compassion and as well as trust in order to assist children in better processing their new environment.

In the same way, it is also valuable to notice the child’s lead. We always observe the progress to realize if the little swimmer is ready for the next lesson. Additionally, no matter how big or small the achievement is, we always celebrate it once the little ones reach a milestone.

Some kids prior to or during the swimming lessons need extra stimulation either when they are waiting for their turn or they need a break. Our instructors have special methods to encourage children while they are experiencing difficulties waiting for their turn when their friends are swimming.

As parents, we all understand that the most important lesson to be learned by acquiring swimming skills is water safety. Therefore, we always include water safety education in each and every class in a fun and engaging way. This, in turn, further promotes them to retain the abilities they acquire during the lessons.

At Aquastream, we take every necessary step in order to help kids to handle and overcome difficulties of sensory processing disorder that can help them to swim in a fun and as well as a safe learning environment.


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